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Qualified Home Inspector

Professional Standards

Your Inspection shall exceed the Standards of Practice set forth by the state of Maryland as well as the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNachi).  I am fully insured and licensed.  I will perform your inspection with practices and reporting which surpass industry standards. 


Technologically Advanced

Your Inspection includes the use of advanced inspection tools, when necessary, including: Thermal Imaging (Infrared resolution of 320x160), Moisture readings, Psychrometer-Humidity readings, Carbon Monoxide Sensing, Gas Leak Detection ("sniffer"), GFCI & electric circuit testing, drone imaging, and more at no additional cost.  Further, your report will be delivered within 24 hours of the completed on-site inspection, straight to your inbox as an interactive web report, or PDF version.  


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with the inspection I perform for you, I will refund your fee.  Simple and Straight.  I am confident that the time we spend together and the care and knowledge that I will invest in your Inspection will leave you highly satisfied and ready to refer me to others who need Inspection Services.

Inspection Services


Home Inspection

A comprehensive inspection of all major components of the home, intended to identify material defects adversely affecting the usability and value of the home.  Inspection standards exceed both Maryland and Internachi Standards of Practice, while using advanced professional inspection tools.  

Radon Testing

Indoor Radon Gas is the 2nd leading cause of Lung Cancer in the U.S.  Radon is naturally occurring, invisible, and odorless.  You should have any home you plan to occupy tested for Radon Gas levels.  Mitigation is relatively inexpensive and the safety of your indoor air should never be in question. 

Mold Inspection / Testing

Mold is everywhere.  Like it or not, mold is an integral part of our natural environment.  Mold in a Home, however, is unacceptable and avoidable.   

Water Quality Analysis

Water is life, often taken for granted, yet our most critical resource.   Knowing that you have safe, clean water provides Peace of Mind.  Testing for dangers in your water is the first step toward making your water safe, keeping you and your family healthy. 

Reports Delivered within 24 hours

Your easy to navigate interactive Home Inspection report will be completed and delivered to you within 24 hours of completing the Inspection.  My reports interact like a website or output as a static PDF. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Simply stated, I will refund to you the fee paid for the Inspection if you decide that I failed to satisfy your expectations.  I promise you a professional, thorough, honest, careful inspection and report, exceeding established Standards of Pratice, or your money back. 

Hire a Professional Home Inspector you can Trust

Knowledgeable, Honest Home Inspector


Altair is the brightest star of the constellation Aquila (Eagle).   Thriving on sharp senses, superior sight, and incredible focus, Eagles are masters of their domain.  Altair Inspection utilizes advanced equipment and expert inspection techniques.  When you hire me for your home inspection you will receive experience, focus, attention, keen senses and an honest evaluation of all major home components, after all systems have been thoroughly and carefully inspected.  

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction


Stephen Toman is a Certified Professional Inspector associated with InterNACHI, the worlds largest Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  I am also a MAHI, Maryland Association of Home Inspectors, member.  I have a Bechelor’s Degree from Towson University and I'm a former Licensed Maryland REALTOR.  I have over 12 years of construction and building maintenance experience and have been a Licensed Inspector for 4 years.  I continually seek education and training and I am fully licensed and insured.  Hire me with confidence. 

Integrity, Truth, Trust


My integrity and reputation are worth more than anything to me.  Defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principals, integrity is the cornerstone of Altair Home Inspection.  I promise to be honest to you, my client, and work for only you in providing critical intelligence of the home you hire me to inspect.   I Inspect homes as if my family will be living there.  Truth and trust form the foundation of my household, and my business.    


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