Home Inspection


I conduct all Home Inspections with Care, and Report all findings Honestly and Clearly.

 All major components are thoroughly inspected.  Thermal Imaging, Combustible Gas Detection, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Moisture Detection, Humidity Testing, HVAC Performance, Appliance Function, Plumbing Operation, Electrical Circuit Testing and more are always included.  I will Inspect Roof Systems, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Foundations, Framing, Exterior Coverings, Chimneys, Grading, Moisture issues, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Attics, Crawlspaces, Floor Coverings, Windows, Doors and more.  And I will inspect the home as if I plan on living there with my family.  Trust that I will have your best interest in mind.

High Quality Inspection Report delivered within 24 hours of completing your Inspection.

I use a very advanced and feature rich Inspection software called Spectora.  This allows me to efficiently report my Inspection findings, include many documenting pictures, and deliver to you a dynamic report.  Within 24 hours of completing your Home Inspection you will receive a link to your own private web-report, easy to navigate, read, understand, and share. 

Roof systems are crucial to maintaining a Home


Roof coverings that are deteriorated, damaged, worn, poorly installed, or beyond their usefull life must be repaired or replaced.

Electrical issues pose a real danger

Electrical home inspection

Circuit breakers must not be "double tapped".  This situation is a potential fire hazard.  Inspecting and reporting these or similar issues will protect you, your family, and your home.

Safety Hazards can be easily overlooked

Safety issue home inspection

At first look or without an expert Inspection, common components may appear perfectly fine.  Baluster spacing greater than 4 inches is a safety hazard and needs to be corrected.

Conditions in "unseen" areas are often most important


Inside crawlspaces and attics issues are often revealed that are not able to be seen from the living areas.  Here, water damage and possible mold growth is observed.  There may be other issues with the home that have caused this.  Such evidence leads my inspection to find the cause.

Finding structural issues before you own it


Improper siding installation above has allowed water to penetrate the building envelope, causing the water and mold growth in the previous picture.  Homes are complex, because I know where and what to look for I will reveal issues that need to be addressed.

Improper mechanical installations cause problems


Any component of the home that will be operated regularly must be properly installed and operational.  A thorough Home Inspection will operate and observe for defects.  I will discover these problems.

 I will conduct your Inspection as if my family and I would be living in the home.  My process and reporting exceeds the Standards of Practice for both Maryland State and InterNACHI (the largest, most comprehensive Professional Association of Home Inspectors) I am a member of the Maryland Association of Home Inspectors (MAHI).  I am a Certified Professional Inspector who values integrity over profit.  I do not book more than one inspection a day.  I provide more than adequate time to carefully and thoroughly perform the best possible inspection for you.  I continually seek accredited education and training in the building inspection profession and I maintain high quality, advanced inspection tools to assist in my investigations.  Hire me today for your inspection.     

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