Altair Services and Pricing:


Home Inspection Fee Schedule:

Base Fee: $375 for Single Family Homes up to 1500 square feet.      

Additional Fee Schedule (size):        Add $45 up to 2500   square feet

                                                          Add $95 up to 3500   square feet

                                                          Add $175 up to 5000 square feet

                                                          Add $275 up to 6500 square feet

Additional Fee Schedule (age):        Add $45 for homes   25-44 years old

                                                         Add $75 for homes   45-74 years old

                                                         Add $95 for homes   75+ years old.


Condominium Units:                        Subtract $75 from above schedule.

Mobile Homes:                                Subtract $50 from above schedule.

Radon Testing Fees:

$125   When booked with a Home Inspection.


$165   As a stand-alone Test.

Water Quality Analysis:

Well water properties:      $185 Tests: Bacteria/Iron/Nitrites/Nitrates/Turbidity/pH/Chlorine. 


Public water properties:    $225 Tests all the above plus Lead concentrations.

Mold Inspection Fees:

Mold Inspection including 2 Air Samples:    $295.


Additional mold samples analyzed:       $70 each.


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