Radon Testing


You cannot see, smell or taste Radon.

The EPA estimates 21,000 cancer deaths per year in the U.S. are caused by Radon.  Except for smoking, Radon is the leading cause of Lung Cancer.  The EPA recommends that corrective measures be taken if levels are at or above 4 pCi/L.    


Is the Indoor Air where you plan to live Safe?

 Only by having a home tested can you determine whether or not Radon Gas levels of the indoor air is safe or at risk.  Mitigating elevated Radon levels is relatively inexpensive.  The first step is Testing!


Using Advanced CRM results are instant.

The CRM (Continuous Radon Monitor) I use for Radon Testing is one of the most advanced units from a long standing Industry leader in diagnostics, SunNuclear. Radon levels and environmental conditions are recorded for a minimum of 48 hours.  Results and reports are available immediately after the monitoring is complete.  My equipment runs on batteries and wirelessly communicates with my handheld computer to delivery fast accurate results.  No one is left waiting. 

Radon Testing Prices

When included with Home Inspection ($125)


I discount the price of Radon Testing when conducted in conjunction with your Home inspection. My travel time and expense is reduced therefor your cost is reduced. 

Only $125 with A Home Inspection. 

Radon Testing without a Home Inspection ($165)


Breathe Easy...When not performed in conjunction with a Home Inspection the fee for Radon Testing alone is only $165. 

You will receive a full report, and you‘ll know if there are any risks. If levels reported suggest corrective action be taken, I will provide guidance on how to properly mitigate. 

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